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Tube shell heat exchanger

1. U tube / straight tube design 2. Fully covered documents 3. Customized sanitary tube shell HXR

plate frame heat exchanger

plate frame heat exchanger

Mini-tube shell heat exchanger

1.Compact design,Easy to install 2. High heat exchange effency 3.Small intallation space

Electrical heater for gas

1. Heater for gas 2. heater

Electrical heater for gas

1. Electrical heat for gas 2. Heater

Magnetic Mixer

1.Different size design according to tank size 2.Customized design, better mixing effect 3.Low leak risk , easy to maintance

Magnetic Mixer

1.Magnetic drive ,no mechanical parts 2.No mechanical seal , high stability 3.Low leak rish,easy maintance

Magnetic mixer

1.Low leak risk, easy installation 2.No mechanical seal , good stablity 3.Easy cleaning,high stablity

Bottom mixer

1.No mechanical seal , high stablility 2.Low leak risk,easy maintance 3.Magnetic drive , no mechanical parts

Spiral coil heat exchanger

1. High heat exchange effency , 2. Ffixed tube design,

Heat exchanger unit

1. High effency and compact design 2. Muti-application

Fullly weld heat exchanger

1.High pressure 2.longer life time




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